Dec 29, 2010

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Global Comments on BI Valuenomics

Topic: BI Valuenomics - The story of meeting business expectations in business intelligence

SAP : BI Valuenomics is an excellent book. I enjoyed it so much we bought 10 copies and are giving it to our customers
USA: We are making BI Valuenomics a must read for all people associated with BI. Our business loves the book; our IT feels it provides a solution to teaming for success
Austria: I was little surprised that the problem is a lot bigger than I expected :). Thank you it is very interesting but I received it this morning so I we will maybe have an interesting discussion - but your investigation matches our experience here in Europe too.
Canada: I wish we have this book three years ago. we could have saved a minimum of 4 to 6 million dollars. This matches very closely with our experience
Australia: Why could you not have published this book two years ago. We could have avoided so many headaches
Chile: This book reads like the BI implementation at our company. By the way it we depended on the technology solution and it was a sheer disaster
France: I am a Business leader and I understood every page I read. Thank you for writing this great book. I am making this a mandatory read for all of our business stakeholders as you have advised.
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Hari Guleria

BI VALUENOMICS now on mobile devices

BI Valuenomics is now Mobile enabled. So mark this on your mobile devices and coem and link up