Jan 4, 2011

Will HANA replace SAP BW

The big question I was asked at the BITI Conference, at TechEd and have received emails on is the one stated above.

The official statement is and absolute NO. BW is a data warehouse and HANA is a database the data warehouse runs on. 
For acceleration one can use BW Accelerator
For Hyper Acceleration once can use HANA stand-alone or put your BW on HANA.

We have been hearing and implementing Real-Time Analytics for long now. But now we ae faced with what 'True-Real-Time-Analytics as all about.
 Yes we can do simple transforms in HANA but what it comes to complex analytics and executive informatics then BW is the only way. Remember no large company is ever run on simple reports. Nowadays even small companies run on very complex analytics and forecasting models

SO BW is here to stay and if you look a little closer it is only becoming stronger.

  • HANA reports can be deployed by SQL, BW or BOBJ. SO BW Becomes stringer
  • BO Reports from ECC can be only deployed via BW. So BW becomes stronger
  • BW Reports ae the foundation for all BOBJ SAP reporting and analytics. SO BW becomes stronger
  • WebI and Crystal reports from SAP apps can no longer go via universes, only direct BW.
  • Need we say more...

  •  A lot of companies cannot afford BW Accelerators. So we should assume a lot of companies may not be able to afford HANA
  • If everyone cannot afford HANA then SAP is not going to shut down BW as their data warehouse
  • SAP can never mandate that all customers must HENCEFORTH get BW only on HANA. SO BW will remain as it is
  • Infact a lot of customer may need BW Accelerator and not take the HANA jump so BW and BW Accelerator is here to stay

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  1. Well appreciated found it very informative and applicable, thanks.