Mar 21, 2010

What readers are saying about BI Valuenomics 1

“This book hits the bull’s-eye on the main challenge facing corporate BI engagements today, ...from being technology centric to business driven with a BI strategy thought process. Hari drives this point home with great insight, industry highlights and thought processes for consideration that make this book a great read for all BI professionals”

Richard Dunning former BI Chair, ASUG*; SITACORP BI Practice Director (USA)
*ASUG- Americas SAP Users Group
“Gartner identified the enigma to BI Success. Hari provides a clear roadmap to attain it”
Jasvir Gill —ex CEO of Virsa (GRC), current CEO of Alert Enterprises (USA)
“Perfectly timed, surgically focused insights . Just when we were lost in our BI investments Hari shows us the Business path out of the confusion”
Uli Neubert—CEO, ICM America (USA)
 “Every C level executive focused on a positive ROI from BI needs to read this book, it will ensure success.  Hari has truly created the manual for success that keeps focus on the principles of business driven BI, delivered by leveraging technology”

Matt Murray Managing Director & Founder , EdgeRock Inc (USA)

"This book pulls us out of our current engineering college where we learn everything about why a time machine cannot be built, but nothing about how to build a simple bridge. All our business users need is to cross the raging river"
Illias Yannopoulos, CIO, Hellenic Seaways (Greece)


“In BI Valuenomics Hari lays out the roadmap for businesses to assure business value, optimize investments and enhance business capabilities in these tough times"
Jai Basrur —Director, Christmas Gouwland Basrur Consulting Ltd (New Zealand)


“Hari’s book maps the value engine to explicitly identify and prioritize critical business components that will drive BI initiatives to success. A must read both for executives and non-executive staff having anything to do with BI"
AJ Peter Wall, President and CEO, Peter and Clare Corporation (Canada)

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