May 4, 2010

How Simple is Infocube Modeling

The Legacy method of InfoCube Modeling: How difficult can InfoCube modeling be. I used to teach this class and here is how the legacy course went
1. Identify all the data elements you plan to bring into the warehouse
2. Create a set of logical dimensions
3. Take all the characteristics and allocate them a dimension you see most fit
4. Some Chars always got left out. These the modeler randomly placed in any available or a single new dimension called Misc.
How difficult is modeling:Here is a scientific principle to solving the Rubiks Cube.

A. All of us have tried to solve a Rubik's Cube one time or another
B. A Rubik Cube is an InfoCube with 6 dimensions, each containing 6 absolutely identical characteristics
C. An average human takes four to six month of trying only to give up.
D. With scientific principles and rules
     D.1 The world record for solving the Rubiks cube is 7.08 seconds
            D.1.1 Blindfolded (including memorizing) is 32.27 seconds
The secret to success ‘Rules and a scientific methodology’

1. The average size of a N. American InfoCube is 10 dimensions and 70 Characteristics
2. This is over 10 Billion options for modeling the InfoCube
3. Manual modeling is a ‘Fool’s Paradise’ option to InfoCube modeling
Fact 1: Manual modeling is now impossible
Fact 2: Even the most intelligent human cannot model an InfoCube perfectly
Fact 3: Modeling directly impacts Query Performance, Data Load time, Footprint and Information Quality (not to be mistaken with data quality)
Fact 4: Modeling for BW is very different than BW Accelerator, is very different from modeling for BO Explorer

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