Mar 5, 2011

What are people saying about Valuenomics methodology

Customer comments on BVA principles applied in BI Projects.
BVA is Business Value Attainment
or Meet Business Expectations in BI methodology
 " The field is very pleased with the new BI tools you have provided and you were able to introduce Business Objects into the main stream at .  This was no small task." PMO at client site

" I have never wanted to get up and hug a vendor before" CEO on a new BOBJ projects

"I am getting goose bumps with what you are showing me here" CIO on Xcelsius Dashboards

"This new BOBJ implementation Lance told me was, in his opinion, the best innovation for our Division in the last ten years and will be a time saver and a more reliable business tool for use with customers. Thanks to your team for giving us this exciting new tool." Director Sales

" My thanks to all on the entire project process. Even before these last updates and improvements the comments from the users has been totally over the top!!!' VP Sales on the Week 10 audit after go-live

"On behalf of the field, you have developed an excellent and " field sales friendly" business tool that will help us all greatly for years to come. Again, thank you for your hard work and listening to us all before building the solution." Field Sales Manager

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