May 11, 2011

Abridged “BI VALUENOMICS – CxO” now available on Kindle in under 70 pages

Could become the most critical 70 pages you read in 2011.

Based on the recommendation from a VP at Oracle a new abridged version of BI Valuenomics is now available on Kindle. SAP is supporting the original book in the US with webinars and conference presentations. It is under 70 pages and contains the critical path to BI success. It is agnostic of any platform.

It is written from the ground up for non technical business stakeholders and has close to ‘Zero’ technical footprint. So business folks read this and BI folks find out how to make your BI ‘Business Compliant’

For US Customer:

For UK Customers:

For German Customers:
Should not take more than a few hours to read and this is the beginning of

“Without business in business intelligence, BI is dead" Gartner 2011.
Find out how business can take control based on proven scientific principles.
and based on findings that
"98% of BI projects are successful on week 1 of Go-Live, yet only 50% remain successful by week 10"  Valuenomics 2010. (the 50% success factor is once again Gartner in their 2007 report on BI)
discover Why BI projects fail after week 2-3 at an average rate of 50%.
Download Kindle for PC's at

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