Sep 27, 2012

'Red-Line' all Your Future BI Projects

Henceforth, REDLINE your BI Projects and Safeguard your corporate Assets.

Listening to Netanyanu at the UN yesterday, Sept 26th, 2012,  and considering the Gartners 2012 BI Report I propose it is time for global enterprise BI Customers to also draw a clear 'Red-Line' of acceptable colateral damage in their BI initiatives.

In Netanyanu's case he requested the UN to draw a clear Red line of a globally acceptable tolerance. He cited similar Red-Lines that have delivered exceptional results. The Red Line drawn by NATO which declared that any attack on any of the NATO alliance nations would be considered an attack on all NATO nations. This simple Red Line still maintains peace in Europe.

In a very similar manner Companies and executives need to now draw a 'Red-Line' of acceptable tolerance in BI projects.
In a world dominated with under 30% "Meet Business expectations in BI" results, source Gartners 2012 BI report on one side, and the solution now published almost 2 years ago in 'BI Valuenomics- The Story of Meeting Business Expectations in BI' on the other, we have both critical components required for any strategic decision.
(ps. If you'd like to read the gartner 2012 report and feel its too expensive then send me an email and I'll send you my free copy of 'Gartners 2012 report Deconstructed')

So now that you have both critical components the first of them projecting what your BI Success factor will be if you use your traditional BI partners and methodologies, i.e. less than 30% success. While at the same time you have the solution documented in a book readily available. The final decision for your step forward now rests in your own hands.

While you are at it, I would also recommend drawing a 'Clear-Red-Line' of enterprise acceptance in your BI contracts. Your Redline document would look something like this

1. The SI must provide all advice, recommendations and expertize to ensure the BI Project MBE's (Meets Business Expectations in BI)
2. The minimum acceptable MBE score is 70%
3. If the minimum MBE score is not achieved then..... (you decide)

Once this red-line is established let the SI come back with their prosesses and proposals and review each through the lens of: [1] Is this scientific or not? [2] Will this align to our strategic Business Goals? Do I personally believe that their proposal will deliver over 70% MBE?
Background: over the last eight years or so I have spent over 80% of my time fixing BI projects that are either heading due south, or have gone past that. Over the years I have accumulated over 30,000 hrs assisting customers with their BI initiatives, out of which over 70% of this time has been spent in Strategic alignment, Global BI Methodologies and Fixing 'BI-Projects-Gone-Bad'

I shared my experience in BI Valuenomics and will be publishing 'The Sceintific Principles of Information Delivery" hopefully in Q4 of 2012.

So think about defining your own acceptable tolerance to success, and take pro-active action starting Next Monday.

Start today and get returns by Next monday

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