Mar 4, 2014

How to-Build your next Billion $ idea with HANA

 anyone interested lets talk..p to success s in SAP and bilities and resources for ideation development. en with a firm plan anToday I am more interested in taking an ideation company that has the following qualifications
  1. Is an approved SAP partner and SAP focused..
  2. Have a strategic interest in HANA and a predictable growth model, i.e. at least a customer or two on HANA path.
  3. Has a desire or already on path to building HANA Applications – this is the point of mutual plug-in. Has offshore support capabilities and resources for ideation development.
  4. Then let’s talk and review ideation through the Rapid-Application-Delivery model for HANA applications
Look around more and more ideation companies are selling their IPO across the planet. Just as big-data is getting bigger so are applications in the big data world. SAP HANA is no different. In January 2013 Hasso Plattner announced placing a billion dollars into a fund for HANA startups. It is working well on solid foundations. I have opened a HANA Kickstarter group for the same.. You could take your next idea to a billion dollars in as fast as your ideation process and marketing methodology - a lot of it is freely available right now..
Executive brief to - Your roadmap to a billion:-
  • If you have an ideation product that shows what it can do – alpha stage is possibly worth under a million, if at all. The pudding is in the proof
  • If you have an alpha product on HANA then it is worth an investment- contact SAP or me for your angel advice for free. Funds if it is interesting.
  • If you have a product and 6 reference customers then you suddenly hit the 5-10 million depending on the idea, growth and customer retention.
  • Hit 200 customers and you are suddenly worth 500 million to a few billion once again depending on your growth stats.
This is my note and desire to build a hyper growth ideation processes, work with business stakeholder to build HANA applications that can be the ticket to the next billion dollar idea. I have led such developments to success before, have the right contacts in SAP and have a solid charter and roadmap to success. Its a process that can take the fast-track from day one. 
 There is a very scientific and proved process towards building HANA applications and this need’s so anyone interested lets talk..  

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