Oct 13, 2014

Powerful methodologies dropping SAP HANA migration costs by over 40% Revealed by IQDCT

 New research is now providing evidence that the HANA IQDCT (Increase Quality, Decrease Cost and Time) methodology is indeed working towards delivering its promise. The investments made into SAP BW health analysis and optimizing cures is finally saving millions of dollars for SAP HANA customers. Hari and his team call these SAP HANA companies patients –in need of desperate scientific medicines to make their lives healthier at lower costs.  Recently Hari presented results from their findings based on  a new empirical  study conducted on BW-on-HANA Initiatives.  The study,  conducted at major global HANA clients,  clearly demonstrates that it is not only possible to increase the data quality of existing BW platforms, but simultaneously to decrease the cost and time for data migration from a current BW to BW-on-HANA.  Even though cost and business benefit were the core drivers at the start of the projects there remained an underlying baseline for improvement in quality at the same time.

In  pilot programs including two of the world’s largest CPG companies the IQDCT methodology clearly established that it can deliver two distinct cures for prospective BW-on-HANA migrants.

The first is a decrease in cost for the initial HANA migration. This test significantly beat a similar control group that proceeded on their pilot without any planned optimization. The initial cost reduction achieved impacted the initial HANA investment by 52%, i.e. dropped the initial TCO by 52%. However, this process also decreased their annual support costs by a similar percentage. Thus, saving the customer millions of dollars initially and over the next five years. This was achieved without post HANA optimization and without using the HANA Cold options.

The Second was that with the scientific optimizations the methodology was able to decrease the NRR (New Run Rate on HANA) below their current CRR (Current Run Rate on Oracle).

Researchers on the two projects concluded that IQDCT can deliver considerable budgetary relief. Study customers experienced significant reduction in their TCO during all phases of the project. With one customer the TCO reduction was as high as 68%, i.e. their initial investment for moving to HANA was reduced by 68% (based on their original estimates).With the other customer the initial optimization of their landscape reduced TCO by 52% within three weeks of effort.

For those with badly designed InfoCubes, what the Pilot team referred to as ’monster cubes’ there were opportunities too firstly redesign these cubes via automation, and secondly to clean them up considerably while redesigning them automatically. The study also concluded that the IQDCT methodology is safe to use, has no adverse or side effects to the SAP HANA Migration initiative.

The proprietary IQDCT methodology includes landscape optimization, automated Cube cleanup and redesign, HANA Cold planning, Standard SAP Housekeeping, Migration and post migration upgrades.

This methodology helps to:
·      Significantly reduce TCO and budget allocations for HANA
·      Improve data quality and decrease migration costs
·      Remodel the BW Objects for the future HANA Platform

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