Jan 8, 2015

Je Suis Charlie Hebdo

Nous sommes tous Charlie too!
Je Suis Charlie Hebdo.  Je Suis Ahmed Merabet. Je Suis Stephane Charbonnier. Je Suis Jean Cabut. Je Suis Georges Wolinski. Je Suis Bernard Verlhac. Je Suis Bernard Maris; Je Suis Philippe Honor√©. Je Suis Michel Renaud. Je Suis Elsa Cayat. Je Suis Frederic Boisseau. Je Suis Mustapha Ourrad. Je Suis Franck Brinsolaro.

This was a terrorist attack on Democracy, Freedom of expression, Secular thinking, thinking itself, caricature, peace, love, caring, and most important of all civilized tolerance.

Remember each and every one of us is the person above. This act was done without any consideration of nationality, race, sex or religion. This could happen to any one of us or to the ones we love dearly. What matters now is how each of us reacts to this dastardly act of uncalled violence. do we become a solution or simply part of the problem itself.

More important REMEMBER that fundamental aim of the terrorists is to create a divide. A divide between people. We all win together if we we stand together  and protect what these cowardly acts were attempting to create - a  divide between people on the basis of religion. By falling into this trap we only feed the frenzy of hatred by the end of which we firstly force the fringe people to join this dastardly movement. Also by falling into the trap of anger and hatred we remain no better than the demented terrorists who pulled the trigger in Paris.

MOST important to REMEMBER is that we must be careful about what we think for our thoughts become words. We must be more careful about what we speak or write for that becomes an image of us. We must altogether be careful of our image for soon that becomes us.  
It is our choice whether we live by the code of Charlie or the terrorists.
  • We can choose Freedom of expression, secular thinking, democracy, peace, love and caring, or become angry and fill ourselves with kill, hate and segeregate. Fear and hate makes us do unpredictable things and takes us into dark corners where we do not ever want to go.
  • We can choose to smile at our neighbors, friends and colleagues, or start to divide them into containers of hatred and suspicion
  • We can choose to remain humane and civilized, or start to blog, participate in hate processions and degenerate our nation, city and ourselves.
  • We can choose to protect our neighbors and their children irrespective of their religion or nationality, or start to divide our selves and our children into buckets of hatred on fellow humans, be they neighbors, colleagues or total strangers
  • We can choose to protect our sanity and minds from what the terrorists want us to do, or simply slide down the  path of fear, hate, segregate, divide, hurt, punish, kill and eradicate families who have nothing to do with any of this.
It matters little as to what type of people committed this crime our worst crime will be if  we stereotype fellow humans and display hatred for no sensible reason but out of ignorance and illogical hatred.
I for one choose Charlie. These were lunatics with guns and we must catch them and continue to be democratic and secular. I choose to live free of malice, hatred or fear because of some terrorists and their warped way of leading their lives. I choose not to let the terrorists win inside my head. My country, mind and thoughts are mine and I will not let any terrorist take control or sway me from my fundamental beliefs.

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