Feb 24, 2015

Does my Boss and HANA Project Pass the Grade

In August 2014 SAP reported that there were over 5,200 HANA Initiatives. By going at a standard 700 new customers per quarter we can fairly assume that number to be around 5,900 by January 2015.Or 6,000 by Feb 2015- now.

·       Like most projects there are the great projects and then there are the not-so-great projects.

·       Like most projects the technology is most often not to blame as it has worked successfully with a lot of the initiatives

·       Like most projects it is normally one or all the triad partners rushing to close the deal that creates a rush to start and end the project without adequate professional planning

·       Like most of the projects it is inadequate planning, business benefit roadmap and with HANA it is all about treating HANA as just another upgrade and/or migration

We have all thought about the SAP HANA new installations or migrations. We have thought about how it could have been done better, and in most cases either we have not raised our opinions or been asked to keep them to ourselves.

So it all boils down to methodology, standards and processes. All things owned by our bosses or their bosses.

The first part is will our bosses make the grade that they expect their subordinates to maintain? Do they practice what they preach in a SAP HANA initiative? Do they make the grade?
The second part is will our SAP HANA migration project make the grade that will pass the BVA (Business Value Attainment) test? Do we practice proven best practice methodologies, or simply chug along treating HANA as still another upgrade or db migration.
So score your own boss, your HANA project on a score of 100. The scale is 1-10, with 10 being the most positive score. Be as objective and empirical as can, fill the truth as only you know.  


 URL for scoring your boss as a success criteria.  Enter email for feedback

Does your boss…:

1) Take ownership and accountability of their decisions

2) Fully understand the strategic and tactical impact of their decisions?

3) Provides an environment that makes you comfortable to express your hones feedback?

4) Builds a clear skill-map with each individual to maintain a healthy task allocation framework?

5) Exhibits good grace when someone makes a genuine mistake

6) Starts every initiative with a ‘Show me the business benefits’ approach

7) Behaves in ways that continues to build your respect for them

8) Has a high level of integrity and project knowledge to understand the strategic impact of every decision

9) Allocates tasks based on individual skills, strength and capabilities

10) Very balanced both when providing positive and/or negative feedback

Fill the form. Tally your scores. Reflect what the scores mean to you tactically and strategically. Perfection is something we desire but rarely something that is attained. So a score around 70 is good news.  If you become the boss these can be your roadmap items and then you can score yourself again.


 URL for scoring your HANA Migration Project success criteria’s.  Enter email for feedback

 Does my SAP HANA Migration Project…:

1) Start with Optimizing the SAP Application for a 40% reduction in cost (TCO). Talk to partners that have reduced TCO by over 40%

2) Build global HANA Standards, processes, Architecture and modeling for the HANA Platform prior to commencing migration

3) Consider the data merge from Big-Data, IoT and SAP HANA as part of strategic planning.

4) Build a clear roadmap of alternatives, HANA Hot, Warm and Cold deployment plans

5) Select HW and SI partners based on a scientific process of Strategic and tactical attributes

6) Clearly understand that “what got you here will not get you there”. Here is defined by under 30% success according to Gartner 2012 BI report.

7) Plan for HANA as a strategic business solution and not just another technical upgrade or migration

8) HANA Migration TCO and ROI calculations have been undertaken based on scientific data

9) Understand that HANA costs can be decreased by over 40% with a little planning

10) Our HANA Project is designed, architected and planned with business stakeholders

Fill the form. Tally your scores. Reflect what the scores mean to your Project tactically and strategically. Perfection is something we desire and in SAPHANA project they can be attained. So a score around 70 is once again good news.  If you become the owner of a SAPHANA migration project these can be your roadmap check-items and then you can score yourself yet again

Be Brave, Take ownership and sleep well

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