Aug 12, 2015

Is your HANA project HSaaS or PFaaS driven?

Every project can lead to one of two outcomes Success or failure. Is your current methodology capable of predicting the degree of success or failure of your SAP HANA Project?

A. New way to assure business success in HANA projects
Per application.  Per migration. All you need. 
Are your HANA projects designed for Success or failure? Is your SAP HANA project HSaaS, HANA-Success-as-a-Service, or PFaaS, Predictable Failure as a Service, projects.
It’s always best when your business users are happy, when projects meet or exceed their expectations, when you pay less and get more from your investments- TCO; when users are more productive and able to take better real-time decisions that help your company, your business processes and the overall bottom line for the enterprise.
What’s not so great is a predictable failure rate, or PFaaS. Or where the client PM asks a question like “..will at least 30% of the reports meet business expectations”. The amount of time, effort and investments required to get modern IT projects especially the Big data and SAP HANA project delivered is considerable to say the least. Meeting customer expectations should become a fairly predictable deliverable.
We know there is a better way – because we have been doing that for the last 3 years plus, give us 60 minutes and we start by saving you 40% in your HANA TCO.
Introducing HSaaS from PrideVel. A scientific process to get an actionable Charter, Playbook , HW, Infrastructure and applications optimized, upgraded, migrated and supported for a predictable success outcome. 
Now, available as a structured process for a single predictable price per application landscape:
Access to global SAP HANA thought leaders and our unique IQDCT methodology (Increase Quality, Decrease Cost and Time to migration) for TCO optimization.
We cannot do this on our own and need the clients IT and business stakeholder inputs to make this a success. We co-innovate and build a flexible upgrade, technical migration and SAP Basis service plan tailored to customer needs. Leverage our Global Delivery centers. Deploy customer specific select options from our KBS (Keep Lights On, Basis and Security) service and required support
To find out more about SAP HANA’s most comprehensive and cost-effective “all-in” Upgrade and Migrate solution, email us at
PrideVel HANA-Success-as-a-Service is a proven IQDCT solution.  This has been presented at SAP events.

B. Managing the perception of Success’

Discover the industry’s most comprehensive SAP HANA solution

IT traditionally does not like saying no to any business request, least of all when business is asking them for faster loads, real-time analytics and when what they’re asking for can deliver real business benefits to the enterprise. This is against a background of the 2003 and 2013 Gartner’s global BI report where over 2,500 CIO’s have reported that ‘fewer than 30% of BI project will meet business expectations in the 2013-15 period’. ‘BI Valuenomics reported in 2010 that ‘98% of BI projects are declared successful in week 1 after go live, yet less than 50% remain so by week 10’
For too long, high HW costs, time consuming Infrastructure and IoT discussions and tasks, rigid legacy standards and processes combined with inflexible assumptions and migration plans continue to stop business stakeholders from directly impacting and empowering their companies and users with the optimal productivity boosting analytics that their investments are capable of.
We know there is a better way, because we have done it many times before.
Our HSaaS is a proven methodology that cuts through competitive FUD statements and gives customers everything they need in an unbiased, everything you need, single source solution that has predictable TCO and success outcomes. When companies are implementing Predictable analytics they need to start with predicting the success of their HANA migrations as a starting point.

C. What is HSaaS from ProdeVel

With HANA-Success-as-a-Service from PrideVel

Success is all about increasing the overall data quality when we are performing a database migration. It is about minimizing the upgrade and migration costs with new SAP HANA DMO toolsets. It is about having the experience and been on the road many times before confidence. It is about IQDCT. Success is about flexibility of architecture, about self service capabilities and about real-time analytics that are reliable and current.  It is strange indeed that with all these common sense goals that thanks to traditional methodologies or HAN migrations, the high price index of the total solution and complex management requirements that it can often feel a little…well… inflexible, misty and daunting..  
Thankfully, that’s all about to end.
Our Road-2-HANA workshop is designed to professionally mitigate this sense or inflexibility, unclear and daunting and replace this with a scientific process that is clear to all parties concerned from business to IT stakeholders.
Send us an email at and ask how Road-2-HANA workshop will help you succeed tactically, mid-term and strategically.

D. Whitepapers and Resources

Self-Help documentation support

We have a bunch of whitepapers that can be requested based on your needs here is a sample of whitepapers you may order simply by sending us an email:
  • Changing the HSaS factor
  • Stop investing simply on the Technology
  • HSaaS as a Service
  • The factual costs of a failure in BI
 Send us an email at and ask how Whitepapers and Resources available for your tactical and strategic success planning.  

E. Business Benefit Outcome Focused Solutions

You work for them. We work for you.

Stop buying just the technology and focus on the strategic Business Benefits. Companies that treat Big Data, IoT and SAP HANA as just another technical install get just that.
Our HSaaS solutions are uniquely designed to empower your business stakeholders and make their participation in SAP HANA projects interactive, co-innovative, fun and most important a Success. We process is structured to bring business and IT teams together, to secure the benefits of business experience and needs and merge them with IT capabilities, to secure the freedom for a self-service architecture, to empower your on-the-road heroes with real time intel, to optimize your business processes, fleets, assets, transactions and decision capabilities. Unplanned projects may need to be re-constructed or even deconstructed in time. Our methodology is designed to help get data from across the value chain in real-time, enable a flexible Real-Time analytics platform that is tactically built to deliver to your current needs and yet strategically dynamic to integrate your upstream and downstream integration needs of the future.

F. Are you ready for the HANA Game changing - HSaaS

HANA-Success-as-a-Service now puts the ball fairly in your court

Now its your call. HSaaS hands you a better way to provide strategic success for your SAP HANA Initiatives. The questions are – Do you want to provide a strategically successful SAP HANA deployment that is not just a technical upgrade? Do you want to enhance the Real-Time decision capabilities of the enterprise? Do you want to reduce the initial and annual costs of your HANA investment by around 40%? Do you want to accomplish your Upgrade, Unicode and migration in one single step? Do you want to automate the remodeling of your BW InfoCubes, or automatically re-write your custom ABAP programs for SAP HANA?  HANA-Success-as-a-Service from PrideVel provides all these answers and more … in a single comprehensive package, most of them as Fixed cost service offerings.
Success in HANA and mainly HANA Analytics is now squarely in your hands. The question is are you willing to take that option. Send us an email at and ask how we deliver our ‘ …give us 60 minutes we may be able to cut down your HANA cost by 40%’.

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