Aug 2, 2010

1st Published Book is now in my hands

The first printed book is now in my hands and the full-blown publish date is but a week or two away at the maximum. The only component with 1 change is the cover.

BI Valuenomics is the first BI book written only for the business in the BI environment. Business executives, business owners, business analysts and business users.

One business owner promised to read the book with a question “..but I may not understand it..”

My answer to her was as follows “You should be able to understand and relate to almost every page. This book has no technical content and it is agnostic of any technology or platform. It is an actionable roadmap for business stakeholders, that every reader should be able to understand” If a business stakeholder cannot understand a page then I have failed in that page”. My 19 year old son, currently studying management could understand almost every page in the book.
The book will be available in the coming week or two and I will then send everyone the link to the publisher site.
Welcome to the world of ‘Meeting Business Expectations in BI’

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