Aug 10, 2010

BI Valuenomics now in Print

BI Valuenomics is now available in Print.

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Book Title: BI Valuenomics – The story of meeting Business Expectations in Business Intelligence

The first Business Intelligence book written from the ground up for Business Users with an actionable roadmap to ‘Meeting Business Expectations in BI initiatives’, it is agnostic of platform or technology but dealt with the fundamentals of DW and BI.

Initial Reader comments:- (All from the back cover of the book)

“Gartner identified the enigma to BI Success. Hari provides a clear roadmap to attain it” 

“This book hits the bull’s-eye on the main challenge facing corporate BI today, ...from being technology centric to business driven with a BI strategy thought process…”

“Perfectly timed, surgically focused insights . Just when we were lost in our BI investments Hari shows us the Business focused path out of the confusion”

“Every C level executive focused on a positive ROI from BI needs to read this book, it will BI ensure success…” 

I look forward to your comments and  clarifications.

Best Regards

Hari Guleria
Author of BI Valuenomics
(408) 835-9552

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