Sep 10, 2010

The quest for meeting business expectations in BI

BVA is the engineered process of Business Value Attainment.

Many BI implementations pursue a path of technology as the ultimate solution, very much like during the early industrial era management thought that machines would solve every manufacturing problem on the planet.
The general maturity of a new technological era falls at around 15-20 years, and we are right now at that exact cusp point where some of us are questioning the concept of technology being the total solution in providing BI answers.
Some companies are violently realizing that their 12 to 14 million dollars and blind faith in technology as the solution provider did not meet business expectations. Such companies are scattered across continents and platforms.
There are three major problems with BI projects that do not provide expected business value.
The first being that there is still the unmet expectations of business reports, analytics and informatics
The second is the investors and shareholders
The third is that it costs anywhere from 3 to 100 times more to fix a problem after ‘Go-Live’ than if it is planned and fixed in the initial phases.
Semiconductor manufacturer spent 12 million dollars only to realize that from an IT and Budget perspective the project was a big success. However, 6-8 weeks down the line only to realize that from a business perspective it was not so. Same thing happens to a major mining company and then still another. Together we wasted over $3.5 billion in 2008 alone and it is time we increased the ROI on BI investments to be better than .55 of initial investment (measured in business satisfaction)
(remember it will take a minimum of 2x more to reach the original goal and meet initial expectations, not counting the anxieties and trauma in the interim period)

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