Sep 11, 2010

Despite the crunch BI market grew in 2009

In 2008 the global BI market was at $8.8 billion. In 2009 it grew by 4.2 percent to $9.3 Biillion.

Based on the current stats that 45% of BI initiatives do not achieve 'business expectations' as the time of Go-live and that it costs companies anywhere from 3 to a 100 times more to fix a BI problem after 'Go-Live'

And, if all other things remain constant then in 2008 we mutually wasted $3.96 Billion, and in 2009 we may have collectively wasted $4.185 Billion.

In 2010 BI also got relegated from its long standing #1 priority of 1,527 global CIO's to #5. However, every CIO's interviewed by the author still agrees that Reports, Analytics and Informatics remain a critical business requirement in every enterprise.

Gartner stats on September 8, 2010 that Meeting Business Expectations' or Business Value Attainment is still an elusive enigma for most BI initiatives. The quote:-
“After decades of investments in IT, many organizations still feel that its ability to generate true business insight that can elevate that organization's capability to compete in its chosen market(s) is not as effective as it could and should be. Business intelligence, analytics, pattern recognition, and "smart" solutions are the new vocabulary of IT's value; new IT-related initiatives that don't fit within this framework will be increasingly less attractive to enterprises that are not interested in more "IT for IT's sake," but are laser-focused on "IT for the business' sake."

We call this the road to 'Business Value Attainment'

Table 1

Worldwide BI, Analytics and Performance Management Revenue Estimates for 2009 (Millions of U.S. Dollars)
SAP dominated the market but was the only player with a negative growth.

Company           2009 Market Share      2008 2008 Market Share 2009-2008 Growth

SAP                    2,084.1                     22.42,  096.1           23.4                   -0.6

Oracle                 1,351.1                    14.5 1,284.0             14.4                    5.2
SAS Institute       1,324.6                    14.2 1,286.6             14.4                     3.0
IBM                     1,135.6                    12.2 996.5                11.1                   14.0

Microsoft                739.1                     7.9 681.5                  7.6                     8.5

MicroStrategy         295.0                      3.2 280.0                  3.1                     5.4
Other Vendors      2,392.4                    25.7 2,322.3             26.0                      3.0

Total                   9,321.9                100.0 8,946.9          100.0                     4.2

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