Jan 22, 2012

The Retention effect of Data Visualization

We just conducted a visualization research and identified what we can term as the ‘Retention Effect’ of data visualization. Our target audience consisted of 64 persons of varying races and in the age range of 18 to 55. We presented data and diagrammatic descriptions of faces to Team A participants, and photographs to the members of team B.  At the final audit a group of persons were brought into a room and respondents asked to identify the person under review. 98% of the team B respondents accurately identified the right person, while only 23% of the tam B respondents identified the right person. 40% of the team B respondents identified other persons who closely resembeled the textual descriptions the rest were unsure.

In another research we presented we presented sales data by state to an audience. Our target audience was 21 people of varying races and in the age range of 25 to 40. Team A was presented with pure data and advanced slice and dice capabilities for a full 24 hours of review to understand the information. Team B was presented with pure graphical visualizations with slice and dice capabilities but with no data backup for a 1 hour period for review to understand the information. Team A respondents provided five very high impact decisions from their visual reviews of business. Team B rspondents provide only one high impact decision from their review of the data. Team B was fresh to take the next challenge whereas participants of team B participants were close to burnt out from their deep research from volumes of data.

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