Aug 28, 2013

IS SAP HANA simply a technical install or a business solution

Is HANA a technical installation or a business solution.

BW-on-HANA Example

Technocratic Installation roadmap
1. Buy HANA
2. Ask your existing partner what to do with it
3. Use the same old 'Z' and 'Y' naming conventions
4. Use the same ole EDW architecture
5. Deliver the same old efficiencies
6. Use the same ole application guidelines and legacy resources, who rapidly revert to their ole habits
7. Take your BW 'As-Is' and migrate as you feel that is your lowest cost option
In other words use your same ole partner and their same ole resources
8. Migrate to HANA
What you get:
  • You accelerate a 800 second query to 1 second, that business never used and will never use.
  • You implement the same architecture, models and standards that currently deliver over 70% of queries that your users don't need.
  • So what you are doing is simply accelerating your inefficiencies.
  • What you will find out is that for every dollar you saved from planning you will now need to spend $4 to $40 to try and fix it after go live.
If most of the queries in your production system are queries that do not meet 80% of your business needs - then you are on this roadmap

Business Solution
Tell me the advantage of accelerating a query from 700 seconds to 1 second if business never use it - and you are now comming face-to-face the tip of the iceberg.
1. Understand the capabilities and limitations of HANA
2. Train your executives on 'Do's and Don'ts' of HANA
3. Remodel on the new FEDW (Gartner) Architecture
4. Delete and replace all your legacy ineffeciencies
5. Get an audit of your BW landscape and systems
6. Increase quality assist with decreasing costs
7. Review all alternatives
8. Drop TCO by 50-60%
What you get:
  • Your quality of information becomes 20-30% better
  • Your initial cost for HANA migration drops by 40-50%
  • Your initial cost of HW drops by 40-50%
  • Your annual support cost, for HW and SW, drops proportionally
  • Your business users understand exactly what they are getting and what not
  • You end up eliminating inefficiencies and accelerating decisions
If your business users are happy on week 1 - its no guarantee of a good BI project. If they are happy after 20 weeks that is something to be very proud of
Retinink architecture, modeling, standards and lower costs by atleast 50%


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  2. > So what you are doing is simply accelerating your inefficiencies.

    Well said. SAP BW was about making money, iirc;) I personally would prefer if business organizations took the opportunity and walk through all the queries.

    While just providing queries is one way, the real demand does show up if you create those work-books people benefit mostly, especially groups of co-workers by sharing information. In a next step take care of the user's specific needs.

    At the time of BI 7 the bad habit of building oj just queries and handing over the responsibility for the workbook to the business reached it's peak. Exaggeration during the boom. It's not wise to just make those many queries faster. That's true. You know - give humans more resources and what you get is higher resource consumption and not more clever solutions.

    Never at any point in known history the situation was a lot different.

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