Feb 7, 2010

Building your BI fertility clinic

 I got an email from a BI customer in Chile and he informed me he had read some of my papers and felt that their BI implementation was infertile. The company expected a healthy reporting environment but all they ended was with organizational pain.

I liked his choice of words and will elaborate it a little further. Fertility may be a good simile.
With a BI fertility clinic here is what you should get:-
General fertility information
• Professional Support to attain BVA
• 24/7 fertility analysis
• Automated fertility inspection and assurances
• Insurance Assistance

1. Creating a healthy family
The first rule of success is a healthy family. It is quite common to walk into a lunch meeting and find IT people huddled in one corner and business in small groups of their own. That is the first tell-tale sign that the two are not working together as one team. Try that in your next lunch or dinner meeting.
2. Getting the right advice
It is not necessary the highest paid doctor will always give the best advice. There are good doctors and then there are just doctors. It is critical to ensure you use your experts for what is their strength and not for any other purpose. Ask the experts for advice on what their strength is not for all the advice for all your ailments.
3. Infertility acceptance
It is rare for men, and seemingly rarer for organizations, to accept an infertile BI. Surprisingly according to statistics 98% of BI's are declared healthy and successful on week one after deliver, yet 45% of them are deemed a failure within eight to twelve weeks. Accepting something is wrong is the first step to correction and success. Else there is a strong possibility that one can continue to do the same things and hope for entirely different results.
4. Making Fertility treatments affordable
The secret to BI fertility is that it is not all expensive doctors, nor every expensive medicine is right an assurance to your BI success. It is just that the path you may have been following led you to this corridor and all you need to do is open the right door and come face to face with success in all its clarity. You dont have to pay millions of dollars to the same doctors that brought you to your knees in the first place. The solution may be simpler than you thought, you just did not know wher to look for it.
5. The opportunity of adoption
One does not have to reinvent the wheel every time from scratch. Architecture, modeling, Standards, principles, etc all are clearly established and proven in the area of BI. The only problem is who your doctor is and whether they actually want you to get a cure or continue to feed you medicines for the rest of your life. That is a decision you have to take after you see a vision of success and its simplicity.
6. Pinpointing success
Alex Paleologies, VP BI Value Attainment of Greek based BI DataBridge has talked to hundreds of companies during his 20 years assisting companies turn-around BI projects. He had now developed 'BOnTrak Kaizan workshops' as his self-help training sessions to team IT and business together towards a common goal.
7. Egg donation
According to the center of BI Disease control and Prevention, 45% of BI projects end up infertile, 98% of them found out twelve weeks after delivery. Automation in finding success and in remodeling delivered objects in an industry on the rise. "It is the logical next step in BI Optimization" Carla Simmons, CIO of UK Chemicals said. Alex routinely uses automation tools to model customers InfoCubes to eliminate any human arrogance or interpretations. He leaves behind a trail of fertile Information consumers. Gartner agrees with her views and calls it factory models. Gartner also confirms that a lot of BI projects end up infertile. They confirmed it in 2009 and will possibly do the same in 2010.

The question you have to ask yourself is "what's in your processes to fight BI infertility"

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