Feb 14, 2010

Two Books One Single Goal - Meet Business Expectations in BI

The BI Valuenomics has morphed into two books.
Book 1 'BI Valuenomics - the Story of Business Intelligence Business Success'
is due for release in April 2010 and is designed as a light read for CxO and Business Stakeholders.  The book has absolutely no technical content, is narrative and full of examples, case studies. It includes actual stories and examples, as a roadmap for senior executives, on key Success Decision factors

Book 2 'BI Valuenomics - A roadmap for SAP BI Business Success'
is planned for release three to four months after book one. Infact 80% of Book two is already written and is currently on hold. Book two contains specific examples of the SAP BW, BW Accelerator and the BO Explorer and highlights key success factors that can make  or break a SAP BI project and its business success.

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