Feb 3, 2010

Taking the leap from 'T' to 'I' in BI

For the last two decades BI has been dominated by the 'T' of IT and now the big shift is to bring back the 'I' of IT back into BI.
The biggest shift in 2010 -13 is the shift from T to I.
Information is not about IT, CIO or the CFO it is about information consumers.
IT is a verticle that specializes in technology and sometime sees a big chasm between themselves and business. IT sometimes looses sight of the I in their organization.
CIO's train to lead, come from a technology background and to them  IT and represents the technology view of all aspects of business.
CFO's are a highly educated professionals in profit, loss and balanse sheets thus needs monthly reports, that all our current solutions provide on time, cost and resources.

So what do we have at the end of this mixture.
98% of projects finsh on time, budget and resource estimates; but only 55% finish with business expectations.

It is time to shift the fabric of BI implementations from the T to I, from data to information and from impending failure to assured success

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