Jan 10, 2010

The Big Issues for BI _ January 2010

August 2008, Forrester
- BI relegated to #5 priority due to high investments and low ROI

Feb 2009: Gartner:
- Business not attaining expected business value from their investments
- BI relegated to # 1 priority for 2009-13 period

Mar 2009, Sapphire (SAP)
- Query performance and 'Blink Analytics'

June 2009 Gartner
- Lack of business particiaption in BI Initiatives

2009 SCM International
- Ability to predict supplier failure on global supply chains 

2009 Financial markets
- inability to analyze risk in a timely manner

- Poor data quality and Inaccuratte analytics

- Lack of planning in achieving Business Value Attainment from BI Investments

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