Jan 2, 2010

Introduction to BI Valuenomics

 Fact 1:
In Feb. 2009 Gartner released a report on global BI. Based on feedback from over 1,400 CEO's worldwide they reported the following feedback.

1. Companies are not realizing expected business value from their BI Investments

2. Despite this their #1 priority for 2009 to 13 is BI

Fact 2
Upon further review companies invested $8.8 billion in BI software in 2008 (source Gartner, June 2009
This computes to a spend of around $61.6 billion on implementing all that BI
Which in turn is a total spend of over $ 70 billion on BI
Fact 3:
SAP ASUG reported in 2006 that 52% of SAP customers realized business expectations at time of go live
Gartner reports success ratios of around 55-60% for BI projects

This computes that out of approximately $70 billion invested in BI in 2008 around $30 billion deemed as recoverable.
From Jan to November 2009The author, along with assistance from over 300 resources across the planet, conducted a survey to identify and define this 'MISSING LINK' - Business Value Attainment in BI.
We had a 'eureka moment' in September 2009 and the result of that is shared in BI Valuenomics.
This is possibly the Holy Grail of Business Intelligence: The book outlines an actionable roadmap for attaining the elusive 'missing link' and guides readers on a proven path towards increasing user satisfaction from the low 40s and 50s to over 80 percent, and saving a large porion of the 40 to 45% whoich companies will possibly loose without a Business Value engine or a process in their BI projects.
This book is a goldmine for new BI customers, as much as it is for existing customers.
Unlike previous books on SAP BW this book undertakes a unique journey in guiding the executive management and business owners on key success factors that lead to higher business value. It covers very little on the technology side of BW as that is more than covered by so many book in the market.
It redefines some critical decision points that make it such good reading.
This book has 5 sections

Section 1 is for C level managers and business owners with executive briefs on key success factors. It is designed for new customers.It also for existing Business Owners and reintroduces critical components such as data Quality, architecture and Modeling from a Business and not technology perspective

Section 2 is Post production business decision support

Section 3 is for the technical side of BW but viewed from a functional / business point of view. It assists business decision makers to become 'intelligent' BI participants.

Section 4 deals with Introduction to BW, once again an executive look at the various layering’s of BW and how each part works, or does not with other critical components.

Section 5 contains invaluable templates and samples of critical components like Standards, Risk Registers, BI Center of Excellence and other documents that teams can use for their projects.
It also contains a list of whitepapers that are available for the asking..
The book is planned for release in Q1 of 2010, around end march to April, 2010

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