Jan 13, 2010

Build your BI Social pool

Just walking out of a customer in Houston where both business and IT folks are top of the class - but they can't communicate to each other.  Both parties think they are right, which is acceptable. But when both parties think the other is wrong that is a smoulder management needs to extinguish immediately.
But where do i start.

Our recommendation to this custom 'Build a social interaction engine' call it mindpool, build as a wiki.

step 1 - ideaforge (eliminate animosity and develop trust)
1. Idea / proposal must have clear ownership. Develops trust allocates kudo points to the right source.
2. It is instantly shared
3. It is instantly exposed to 'Blink transparency' from Gladwell's book blink (trust your gut feeling first).

example: when JoAnne sales were declining management went for the finance option - cut costs. Step 1 was to centralize stocks. Total disaster. Savior step: - build a social engine that elimiminated vertical silos of Finance, Sales, Stores, etc by creating a horizontal business value owner. Each store shared instant stock position of slow moving / dead items. Other stores swapped by regional demands. In 6 months JoAnne was back on the fast lane.

step 2 - BIForge
Both business and IT to give ideas how to make things better. Same rules apply.
- What do you think will make a process better? instantly shared
- What does not / will not?
- Is business listening to your needs?
- Are the developers understanding business needs?
Teams need to jointly know if they are on the right track

step 3 - with BIforge confidence established
- each request tracked in the wiki
- step by step, and gate pass, tracking with analytics
- BI pool analytics

Dont see why this should not be another great success

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