Jan 6, 2010

Who murdered our BW

There is a divergent trend that in ongoing in BI across the planet

School 1- Change the DW.
This group of companies rant DW 1, either Oracle DW, SAP BW, or other apps and then they did not reach their promised, or expected. In this group SAP BW customers are moving to Teradata and Oracle, Oracle customers are moving to SAP BW and Teradata, and I assume some other customers are also moving to alternative platforms. Other BW companies have been convinced to change their database from Oracle to DB2 or visa versa. Still other companies have implemented expensive accelerator appliances adn now delivery reports that users cannot use, but faster.
Recommendation: The fault mostly like in the following mistakes [1] lack of business
participation; [2] Lack of Architecture / modeling; [3] Lack of Business Value audits and Checks. Our findings: Technology is just a catalyst and will underperform, simply perform, or outperform depending on how we have designed and modeled the
technology. Motto: 'You cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results'Solution: Involve business from the very start, ownership and accountability. Ensure BI intelligence injected before they make their decisions on someone elses
value drivers. Don't blame inanimate objects for murdering your BW.

School 2: Change the Driver:
When a company recently went live and users stopped using their BW in under 6 weeks they went and fired the whole BW team. The BW team on their side quoted the successful go-live and having delivered all the objects they were supposed to. The vendor showed their contract and confirmed they delivered in accordance to business sign-offs. The customer BW PM said she was only following deliverables, resources and times and simply 
followed standard PMP rules, the client PM the same. The steering committee
said they had no idea of BI and had signed off the project on recommendations of their key stakeholders. The key stakeholders said they had based  their recommendations based on the recommendations of the triad partners, SW/HW & Implementing,  and their findings and recommendations along with  presentations  from successful customers.  THE SW partners said the product had been deployed successfully and was the best of the best; The HW partner the same. The implementing partner said they delivered in accordance to their contract and business signoffs. The stock holders never heard about any of this, nor ever will. The buck kept zooming all over the place - scenario is pure quicksilver.
 Recommendation:  There was no one to blame. In the whole process of selection, planning, delivery, testing and deployment there was no 'Business Value
Attainment' process, check or audits. If BVA was never sown it should come as no
surprise if it was not available for harvest.Our findings: No one was at fault. Gartner states that 42% of BI projects fail, this was just a statistical aberration. company had a detailed 'Lesson Learned' session and viola just 3  years later history repeated itself. SAP stated in 2006 that only 52% companies realize business expectations at time of go live.
Motto: 'Plan your work and only then work your plan. Make sure you have a BVA owner  and weekly audit process. Solution: Rather than playing the blame game later with millions down the drain, it is far better to add a single Business Value Audit process to the murder mystery above. Motto: While success has many fathers, failure looses its parents faster than the speed of light'
So finally you decide who murdered the BI project most??

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