Jan 2, 2010

BOOK 2 CHAPTERS - BI Valuenomics for SAP BI (June 2010)

• Forward
• Preface

• What to expect from this book
• The BVA Study
• The Book
• Acknowledgements
• How to use the Book
• The Soft Crisis facing global BI Implementations

SECTION 1 - A C Level management value Drivers
Executive guidelines for BI
• 1A.00 BI, Business Value and the missing link
• 1A.01 Changing the definition of BI Success
• 1A.02 Building a Sustainable BI Strategy
• 1A.03 The impact tof Architecture, modeling and Standards on BI
• 1A.04 The evolving role of corporate performance management
• 1A.05 Center of Excellence or Center of Mediocrity
• 1A.06 Metrics, dashboards or operational reports – the BI Dilemma
• 1A.07 Data explosion and its impact on your BI
• 1A.08 Letting the fresh air in. Social Network analysis
• 1A.09 The impact of Self Service on BI
• 1A. 10 How BI and MDM join hands for data quality
• 1A.11 The impact of standards on Data Quality & Governance
• 1A.12 Leveraging your Portal as a BI Strategy
• 1A.13 The death of DW and birth of in-situ BI
• 1A.14 Determining the "return on BI" via identifying the ‘missing Link’
• 1A.15 Performance management and compliance
• 1A.16 BI trends and the super players
• 1A.17 Best practices in BI Project management

SECTION 2 - A Business Owners- executive value Drivers
New Customers - Business Value Drivers
• 2A.01 The ‘Missing Link’ in all BI Projects worldwide ***
• 2A.02 Redefining BI Project Success ***
• 2A.03 Independent BW Value Owners ***
• 2A.04 What all C level managers need to know about BI
• 2A.05 3 most critical considerations for BI success
• 2A.06 How to measure BI Success
• 2A.07 Who should own BVA in a BI Project
• 2A.08 What is most important for BI Success?
• 2A.09 How is Value different from Business Value
• 2A.10 BI Strategy & Best practices
• 2A.11 Global BI Cookbook
• 2A.12 BI Infrastructure and landscape
• 2A.13 BI Project Planning
• 2A.14 BI Standards
• 2A.14 BI Architecture
• 2A.15 BI Modeling
• 2A.16 Cut-over planning and BI Go-Live
• 2A.17 Post production support
• 2A.18 new technologies & the future of BI
             o ETL Tools
             o OLAP Tools
             o BW Accelerator
             o BO Explorer
             o Business Objects and BOBJ
             o BO Excelsius
             o BW 7.2 (new features)

SECTION 2 – Business executive value Drivers
2B Post production BW Value Drivers
• 2B.00 BW Maturity Matrix
• 2B.02 Post Go-live analysis of your BI
• 2B.02 Center of Excellence
• 2B.03 C level value measures
• 2B.04 BVA – Business Value Attainment
• 2B.05 Key questions of a CIO / CFO
• 2B.06 Assuring BVA in BI Projects
• 2B.07 Value of BI Strategy and Best practice – reassess
• 2B.08 Data Quality & Governance
• 2B.09 BI Re-Architecture
• 2B.20 BI Re-Modeling
• 2B.11 Measuring BI Success after the event

SECTION 2 – Business Owners value Drivers
2C BW Upgrades & New Installations
• 2C.00 BI Upgrades
• 2C.01 When to Upgrade
• 2C.02 BW Upgrade Options
• 2C.03 How long should a BW Upgrade take
• 2C.04 BW Upgrade Resource and Skill requirements
• 2C.05 BW Upgrade planning
• 2C.06 Enterprise Portal
• 2C.07 BW Accelerator
• 2C.08 BO Explorer
• 2C.09 Modeling for BW Accelerator
• 2C.10 Modeling for BO Explorer

SECTION 3 - Business User guide to BW
3A Business view of technical components
• 3A.01 The science of BI Strategy
• 3A.02 Engineering BI Data Architectures
• 3A.03 BI Standards and processes
• 3A.04 BW Architecture & Modeling
• 3A.05 BI Data Quality and data Governance
• 3A.06 Building uniformity - BI Cookbook

SECTION 4 - Business User Guide to BW
4A Introduction to SAP BW – non technical
• 4A.00 An executive view of BW Objects
• 4A.01 BW Objects
• 4A.02 Data modeling & Information modeling
• 4A.03 BW technology stack
• 4A.04 BW Data flow considerations
• 4A.05 About InfoObjects and Key Figures
• 4A.06 ODS, DSO, InfoCube and MultiProvider
• 4A.07 BW Business Analyst
• 4A.08 A SIPOC flow of BW tasks
• 4A.09 BW Accelerator
• 4A.10 BO Explorer

SECTION 5 - Samples

5.1 XXX

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