Jan 3, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

Have been busy this last year on a book....skeletol details now available on this website. Any value recommendations are welcome

The research focuses on increasing the 'Business Value Attainment', referred to as BVA and its fundamental difference from Value in isolation.
It highlights the challenges business owners and management face, as new customer and existing customers and makes business owners 'intelligent' BI participants in the BI implementation process.

unlike all previous books written on BI and SAP BW this one fucuses on the business side of Business Intelligence with the single assumption, backed by all the reports from Gartner and customers. The two things that might be missing from most BI implementations are 'Business and Intelligence'

The fundamentals of the book are the concerns of the Gartner report and the need of the CEO's Gartner talked to with one single aim - increase BVA.

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