Jan 12, 2010

New Movie release and BI initiatives

 Success of a BI initiative is very similar to the release of a new movie.

It does not matter how fast or how much you spent on making the movie, but how it does in the first two weeks.
Very like a BI project the life of the movie is defined in these first few weeks – mega hit, will make a profit, will make a loss, few might see it, or a flop.
However, the major difference is due to the lack of public, or shareholder, inputs we often declare a flop as a success for various reasons and then spend the next few years trying to turn around our so-so movie into a success.
In BI this is possible. In strategic planning this is avoidable
Coming from over 9 years of Sr. business management experience and over 25,000 hours of working with BI customer in a business facing, lead, project manager, architect, and modeler the contents of this book are concepts you can work with starting next Monday.
We have identified the lack of a methodology to explicitly identify and prioritize the Attainment of Business Value in BI initiatives.
So when your BI project goes live its success is announced on week 1 and often users stop using part, or all, of the BI delivered in 10-12 weeks.
Use this book to assure a mega hit first time, every time

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